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growing flowers

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Helpful Links

Find your Frost Dates

How to Grow Sunflowers (For cutting, space at 6" apart and harvest when petals are just opening.)

Grow Celosia from seed (Pampas Plume mix and the Chief series are my favorites.)

Grow Great Zinnias (Salmon Rose and Queen Lime Orange are amazing!)

Start your own seeds! 


Starting certain seeds inside on a growing shelf, under a humidity dome, with the help of grow lights, can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Some seeds do well "direct sowed," especially large seeds like pole beans, bush beans, sunflowers, zinnias, summer squash and pumpkins. Just wait until after your Last Frost Date, make sure your soil has warmed up a bit, and follow the instructions on the back of your seed packet.

Tiny seeds, or seeds that take a long time to germinate THRIVE when sowed in seed trays inside. This allows them the humidity they need, the moisture, the light, and the absence of weed pressure as they germinate and root. This includes seeds like tomatoes, basil, celosia, cucumbers, and snapdragons.

Here's what you need for a growing shelf:
A metal shelf

(or flat surface that you can suspend a light over)
A work light 
Grow Bulbs

(a pack of 2 run around $15) 
Plastic Tray Kits

(A tray, inserts, and a dome)

(Miracle Grow soil mix works fine)

How to start seeds:
1. Pre-moisten your soil. (put some in a bucket and mix in water until wet)
2. Add your soil to your inserts.
3. Read the info on your seed packet about depth to sow.
4. Very tiny seed can just be set on top of soil and covered lightly.
5. Place humidity dome over the whole tray and set under lights.
6. Once seeds germinate, remove the plastic dome.
7. Water carefully by adding water to the tray under the inserts...the soil will wick up the water and the seedlings will be encouraged to send out deep roots. After 20 minutes, pour off any excess water.


Plant Out








Transplant your seedlings outside to your garden area as soon as they are large enough to handle or have 1-2 sets of true leaves.





















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